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Founded in 2000, Landing Med is a medtech company focused on early cancer detection solutions. We offer affordable and accessible AI-powered cytology & digital pathology technologies to empower laboratories worldwide to enhance diagnostic precision, efficiency, and confidence. As a globally recognized leader in cervical cytology screening, we have successfully screened over 10 million women and strive to make pathology accessible to all.
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Al Cervical Cytology Screening System
Al Cervical
2023, The Lancet Regional
Health-Western Pacific
Cost-effectiveness of artificial intelligenceassisted liquid-based cytology testingfor
cervical cancer screening in China
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2021, Cervical Cancer
Role of Al in Cervical Cancer Screening
The artificial intelligence-assisted cytology diagnostic system in large-scale cervical cancer screening: A population-based cohort study of 0.7 million women
2020, Cancer Medicine
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Chinese Medtech Company Landing Med Surpasses 10 Million AI-Assisted Pap Smear Screenings
Smart screening broadens cervical cancer monitoring
Foreword: Accelerating Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control in China to Achieve .....
AI boosts cervical cancer diagnoses